Louisa Wolf (she/her)
is based in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Hello, hallo, hoi!
CV on request
Working as Studio Loba
Playing as Polarwolf
Part of whywhynot.space
Exhibition Design
Graphic and Editorial Design
Web and App Design
Motion Design
Editing and Postproduction

The Society Forum/ Das Gesellschafts-Forum
On show now: Bundeskunsthalle 2024, Kunstgewerbemuseum 2025
Ardirection with Marco Ferrari (Studio Folder)
Designer: Susanna Tomassini, Jennifer Carniel, Augustina Lavickaite
The New Raw, Rotterdam 
Camera and Postproduction
Milan Design Week 2024
Experimental Graphic Design Workshop, 2024
A House For A Home, architecture lab for young Ukrainian creatives
With Hannah Kansy
Botanical Role Play 
Camera and Postproduction
Milan Design Week 2023, Dutch Design Week 2022
Feminist DJ Workshops
Initiated 2024, Rotterdam
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The Marine Monument
With Laidlaw Peringanda, 2021
Donate to swakop.genocide.museum@gmail.com (600,00€ so far)
Graduation Catalogue, Campaign, Wayfinding
Dutch Design Week 2023
With whywhynot
Graduation Campaign
Dutch Design Week 2023
With whywhynot
Tutor Pre-Master, Design Academy Eindhoven
Year 2024/25, Year 2023/24
The Golden Age of Resonance
Nomination Bundespreis Ecodesign,
International Design Center, Berlin 2020
Camera, Postproduction, Exhibition
With Linda Nisslbeck

The Ecological Glitch, 2022
Master thesis on plant extinction, queer theories and feminism
Information Design, Design Academy Eindhoven
PDF on request

Botanical Role Play, Temporary Residency
Milan Design Week  2023 Base, Dutch Design Week 2022
Supported by Goethe Institue Miland
With my garden
Project trailer, 2020
Information Design, Year 1
Design Academy Eindhoven

more more more!  
The Food Cosmos, Website and Podcast
Dutch Design Week, 2021
With Pedro Lobo, John Carrillo, Anna Perugini

Porto’s bookbinder, 2020
Camera and Postproduction
With Katrin Dittmayer, Alessandra Hofmann, Joao Pereira

Panel Talk on Design as Provocation, The After Monument Event
Dutch Design Week, 2021
With Sergi Casera, Anastasia Kubrak, Simon Davies 
and Information Design Year 1

Das Goldene Resonanz-Zeitalter/ The Golden Age of Resonance
Ausstellung, Website With
German Design Award Nominee, 2022
With Linda Nisslbeck
Freedom of the Internet
Animation and Sound
New Talent Nomination Eyes & Ears Conference Munich, 2019
Panel Talk on Ecological Domination
Dutch Design Week 2022
With Jessica den Outer, Hannah Kansy, Brogen Berwick,  Monja Simon

Studio Loba, 2024
Rotterdam, Netherlands
VAT ID: NL004549301B64